Women In Fantastical Art


I am really, really excited to share something I've been working on with you!

I wanted to put together a gallery featuring artwork submitted by women in fantasy & sci-fi, to showcase some of the incredible diversity and range of wonderful styles I have come across, particularly whilst being in the Women In Fantastical Illustration Facebook group.

After several days of hard work, the gallery looks absolutely amazing, and I couldn't have done it without all the brilliant women who contributed their artwork. It will be constantly updated with new artwork too! Here's the link: http://fantasticalwomen.com/

21 Days To Be A Better Artist

So there's a challenge going around, prompted by Noah's article (link here) and the idea is you put aside time each day for 21 days, to practice your art.

Here's some studies I've done for my first three days! I'd love to see yours. Post them on Facebook or Twitter with the #21Days hash tag!

Study after Briton Rivière's 'Requiescat'

Study after Briton Rivière's 'Requiescat'

Study after Edwin Landseer

Study after Edwin Landseer

Some studies focusing on scale textures, preparing for my next creature painting :)

Some studies focusing on scale textures, preparing for my next creature painting :)

Some of the process shots from 'A Small Measure Of Courage'

You can see how ridiculously messy my initial block-ins can be here. I also tend to use photographic elements to try and pull everything together in the concept stage. All the photos I used in this painting I took here in New Zealand, where I am currently visiting!

Here's one of the shots I took specifically to use as reference in a foresty painting:

My most recent painting next to the cute plushie that inspired it!


I am now taking commissions to bring people's childhood toys to life in a painting. :)

Perfect if you've ever imagined your furry rabbit plush as a naughty rogue or your old teddy bear as a fearsome beast. 

On a personal note, this was a really lovely painting to work on for my client because of the emotional attachment behind the idea, and the opportunity to create a narrative. I really wanted to convey the fox's character as a brave little bard, wandering through the unknown wilderness looking for adventure, perhaps on a quest? My RPG-loving side absolutely thrives on this stuff.